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YahooXtra | change your password

Updated 18 Feb 2013

Around 60,000 compromised XtraYahoo accounts' passwords reset by internet service provider.  Details here:

Telecom advises all customers to change their email passwords.

5:00 am 12 Feb 2013
  • Telecom has acknowledged that its YahooXtra email service had been compromised by hackers.
  • Telecom confirmed the rogue emails could have been sent out without any involvement from account holders.
  • The vulnerability had been addressed, but Telecom advised all customers to change their email passwords.

Telecom "how to change your Xtra password"

About APNK Public Computers

  • Always ensure the APNK public computer has restarted before use.
  • Restarting the computer deletes any changes made to the hard drive.
  • Restarting ensures personal browsing history, downloads, and saved files are wiped from the hard drive for good.

The APNK maintains a high level of security on our network, wireless network and public computers including: up-to-date anti-virus applications, malware detection, vigorous network security policy, non approved program blocking & "frozen state" on public computers. The APNK strongly recommends that for your personal computer you:

  •     run an up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware program
  •     on Windows systems run regular Windows Updates
  •     use a Firewall.