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WiFi | What is the apnk secure wifi?

APNK is about to deliver a new feature to partner libraries who subscribe to the APNK Wi-Fi service. Rollout will take place during July 2015.

Information on this new service is below. 


Connect to

apnk secure wifi SSID


88888888 passcode


What does apnk secure wifi mean?


  • new secure network signal advertised at your library 
  • uses encryption to help prevent “sniffing” 


How do I connect?


  • On your device’s available Wi-Fi networks select apnk secure wifi
  • Enter the password 88888888   that is eight 8s with no spaces
  • You should then be prompted to select the  I AGREE button on our webpage


Things to note

  • You will need to forget the open library Wi-Fi from your device now to ensure your iPhone, iPad or Android device automatically connects next time to the secure network
  • With Windows devices you can select “Automatically Connect” after entering the password which should ensure your device connects to the apnk secure wifi next time you use the Wi-Fi at this library
  • See also WiFi Troubleshooting Tips 


Can I still continue to use my library’s Wi-Fi hot spot?

  • Yes
  • The original open Wi-Fi network will continue to operate alongside the secure Wi-Fi 
  • The APNK recommends you start using the apnk secure wifi and to forget the other open library Wi-Fi hotspot
  • The APNK will continue to provide the open Wi-Fi option for older wifi devices that can't connect to the secure option


Is it really secure if everyone knows the password?

There are two parts when connecting to W-Fi. The first part is authenticating (password). The second part is after you type the password correctly the connection gets encrypted. Requiring a password on connection to the network enables the APNK Wi-Fi hotspot to establish a secure connection with each individual device that is uniquely encrypted for that device.  The password is only required for the initial connection, and after that it is secured by an encryption key that is not shared with other devices.  Thus traffic between a device and the Wi-Fi hotspot is kept secure from that point on.

Why has APNK been running an open Wi-Fi network if it isn’t secure?

At the time that APNK developed its Wi-Fi network the emphasis was on enabling access to the Internet with the least barriers possible.  Wi-Fi was a relatively new technology and we wanted to make connecting to it quick and easy.  Most other free public networks at the time were also open.  However, as time has passed Wi-Fi users have become more sophisticated and accustomed to various methods of connecting so we felt it was an appropriate time to offer APNK libraries a secure option.

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