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Wifi | Is my information secure on the WiFi network?

In order to stay safe on a public wireless network the APNK recommends that you follow standard computer security guidelines including

  • Have up-to-date anti-virus software running
  • Have up-to-date security patches for the operating system and other programs installed
  • Check websites requiring passwords/credit card/personal information use HTTPS
  • Configure your email to use SSL
  • Connect to a known wifi network

The APNK also ensures that Wireless Client Security Separation is enabled at all our free wifi hotspots – this means that associated wireless clients are not able to communicate directly with each other's devices.


Only connect to a trustworthy wifi network

Our wifi network is named; APNK The password is; 88888888
Upon connection users receive a prompt to agree to the APNK terms of use. Other wifi networks may also be available in the area. We cannot guarantee the security or trustworthiness of networks other than our own. You use these at your own risk.



If you are accessing a page that requires a login and password, or if you are entering ANY personal data (credit card, etc) make sure that you are on a secure site. Check that the web address begins with HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP -- and your information will be safely encrypted before transmission.

Use a Webmail system with HTTPS for the whole session.  Almost all Webmail systems use HTTPS when you log in, so your password is transmitted securely. After logging in  they usually switch back to HTTP.  Did you know?  Gmail stays connected using HTTPS the whole time.  

Your company's Webmail system is also likely protected by HTTPS at all times.


Secure your email (SSL)

IF you use a program (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) to send and receive email consider configuring it to use SSL.  Please note that a) your email provider needs to support this and b) the APNK supports SSL on these ports only ...

Incoming Mail
Secure POP on port 995
Secure IMAP on port 993

Outgoing Mail
SMTP on port 587  - see our FAQ

Who is your email provider? 

It is NOT the APNK. EG if your email address is:   your email provider is Snap              your email provider is Windows Live Hotmail

Contact your email provider or check their website to find out their incoming and outgoing mail server settings.

Examples of popular mail server SSL settings
Windows Live Hotmail
Incoming         port 995
Outgoing         port 587

Google Gmail
Incoming    port 995
Outgoing  port 587

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