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Please Note 7/01/2019

Printing is now only available from APNK computers or via HP Eprint.


WiFi Printing by Email

This is an HP feature available at a some libraries. If the printer has a label with an email address "" see below.

Note: WiFi users should check they can successfully send email on APNK WiFi (eg email themselves first) before trying this. If not see: SMTP info

  • This is a service provided by HP

  • Be aware that as this service is made available via our public WiFi network and is sent to a third party (HP) so please consider this before printing confidential / personal / sensitive information

  • To print email - check email address on the printer

  • Printing email attachments is supported for these file types:

    • Microsoft Word

    • Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Microsoft Excel*

    • Text files (.txt)

    • PDF

    • HTML

    • Images (bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff)

  • Preview documents before printing

  • The HP ePrint service does not support printing webpages via email at this time

  • Image files (like jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc) need to be at least 100DPI in order to print via ePrint

  • PGP encryption, digitally signed documents, macro-enabled spreadsheets and password-protected documents are not supported by ePrint at this time and will not print

  • There is a 10 MB limit to the email and a 10 MB limit to each attachment

  • HP ePrint supports a maximum of 10 attachments to a single email. Emails that exceed these limits will not print

  • HP sends attachments over a secure connection to your printer to protect your data, but we cannot ensure the security of email before it is received by HP

  • Note: HP does not filter or control the emails or content and cannot be held responsible for such emails or content

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