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Wifi | Can I print?

Please Note 20/07/2018

Printing options vary across APNK libraries;

If your WiFi network is named APNK you can print via ePrint
If your WiFi network is the Library Name you can print via ePrint or connect your Windows, Mac or Linux laptop directly to the printer

All customers can also print from the APNK computers in each library.

YES - Windows Laptops or Apple Macbooks*

  • You need to configure your laptop to add a printer
  • We have step-by-step instructions on how to add a printer here
  • If you are already familiar with adding a printer see our Quick Tips
  • Also see WiFi Printing by Email below

NO - printing from an Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad is not available from the APNK WiFi
- however, see WiFi Printing by Email below

NO - wifi printing is not available at Palmerston North City Libraries

Quick Tips - Windows

  • check what model APNK public printer is at your library
  • add a local printer, add TCP/IP port called printer
  • then see if your laptop detects the correct printer, if not see Download HP Drivers
    OR your could try the following built-in printers
    Windows XP "HP LaserJet 5"
    Windows Vista "HP LaserJet Family Driver PCL5"
    Windows 7 "HP LaserJet P2xxx Series PCL6" 

Windows 10 general instructions


  • Settings (swipe in front edge of screen, tap settings OR with mouse, point lower-right corner, click Settings), Change PC settings
  • PC and devices
  • Devices
  • Add a device
  • Searching won't find the printer, install printer using a different method - add TCP/IP printer port where the printer's TCP/IP name/IP is printer


Quick Tips - Mac

  • printer port = LDP called printer
  • drivers = print using Generic PS Printer (otherwise see Download HP Drivers)


What version of Windows am I using? 

Open My Computer or Computer, right click Computer on left-hand panel, select Properties. Windows Edition should display here along with other information about your device.


Step-by-step instructions


Download HP Drivers


Mac Wifi printing instructions 

The following instructions are based on Mac OS X 10.5

  • System Preferences
  • Print and Fax [or Print and Scan]
  • Click on the add button [ + ]
  • IP
  • Protocol Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • address = printer  type the word printer in the address field
  • Name = APNK printer
  • Print Using = Generic PostScript Printer
  • Add

Apple support page: "Adding a printer to your printer list in Mac OS X"


Linux Wifi printing instructions

  • Printer host name "printer" without the quote marks
  • Open printing ports: 9100, 161, 515, 631
  • HP Website linux info


Important Note
By the time you have configured the printer your WiFi session may have timed out. Before printing go to and check you can do a search as you may need to Agree to our Terms of Use (again).


Multiple Printer locations

Hamilton Level 1 (ground floor) printer = printer port printer1
Hamilton Level 2 printer = printer port printer2
Hamilton Level 3 printer = printer port printer (default wifi printer)

Puke Ariki default wifi printer = printer port printer


WiFi Printing by Email 

This is a new HP feature available at a some libraries.  If the printer has a label with an email address "" see below.

Note: WiFi users should check they can successfully send email on APNK WiFi (eg email themselves first) before trying this. If not see: SMTP info

  • This is a service provided by HP 
  • Be aware that as this service is made available via our public WiFi network and is sent to a third party (HP) so please consider this before printing confidential / personal / sensitive information
  • To print email - check email address on the printer
  • Printing email attachments is supported for these file types:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel*
Text files (.txt)
Images (bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff)

  • Preview documents before printing
  • The HP ePrint service does not support printing webpages via email at this time
  • Image files (like jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc) need to be at least 100DPI in order to print via ePrint
  • PGP encryption, digitally signed documents, macro-enabled spreadsheets and password-protected documents are not supported by ePrint at this time and will not print
  • There is a 10 MB limit to the email and a 10 MB limit to each attachment
  • HP ePrint supports a maximum of 10 attachments to a single email. Emails that exceed these limits will not print
  • HP sends attachments over a secure connection to your printer to protect your data, but we cannot ensure the security of email before it is received by HP
  • Note: HP does not filter or control the emails or content and cannot be held responsible for such emails or content


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