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Images | How to resize with PaintNet?

Digital cameras are producing higher and higher quality photos and these can be quite large in size.  Modern cameras may produce 5 MB to 10 MB photos as a standard setting. 

Large data size digital photos (eg something over 5 MB) may be blocked or just unsuitable for your purposes and you may wish to resize the digital photo before you -

  • upload it to
  • email it to grandma
  • Note: people with dial-up connection DO NOT WANT to receive emails over 1 MB in size

So you can use Paint.Net on the APNK computers to reduce the file size


  • Open My Computer and find the file (if you are using a memory card or USB device it will be loaded as "removable media" drive letters, E: F: G: H: I: J: or K: !
  • Right click the file
  • Open with
  • Paint.Net
  • Image menu
  • Resize
  • Note that at the top of the Resize screen, in blue, it will show you the current data size of the image
  • Website images are often 800 pixels on the longest side so try changing your image to 800 pixels and see what the new size file is
  • There are various ways to resize your image using this tool, when happy click OK
  • File, Save As and save a copy of your image by renaming it
  • Check the file size in Windows Explorer

TIP - In My Computer use the Thumbnails view to checkout photos from your USB device, memory card, CD or DVD. (Menu | View | Thumbnails)

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