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Audacity | How can I edit sound files?

Audicity desktop iconYou can use Audacity to edit digital audio sound files on the APNK computers. Examples of digital audio sound files include: .wav .aiff and .mp3 files.

Click on Start | All Programs to find the shortcut to Audacity.


TOP TIP - Use Audacity to reduce the size of your audio files.  You can EXPORT the file as an MP3 and/or copy and paste sections of the audio recording into a new smaller file and save.

TIP - Audacity is configured to record input from a microphone plugged into the back of the computer. To record sound from another source (for example, an audio file, music etc.) choose "Stereo Mix" from the drop down menu on the Audacity tool bar (by default displays Rear Input).

To record the sound from a microphone plugged into the front of the PC go to Audacity Edit menu, select Preferences, Audio I/O tab, and change Recording Device to HD Audio front mic.

See Audacity's entry in Wikipedia for information about this programme.

See Audacity's Wiki for help, tutorials and discussions on using this programme.


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