Name | 1st November 2013 Very Nice to use Free WiFi!!!! I m very greatful!!!

Name | Hurunui | 1st November 2013 Thank you for the free internet support and the opportunity fo print important documents for our journey! really friendly staff!!!

p queen | 31st October 2013 Very good service

mel | Auckland South | 31st October 2013 thanx for the free internet bein able to connect on facebook with famz far away

Frank Daly | 25th October 2013 Excellent Service better than Hotel.

charles pomana | 23rd October 2013 awesome service thnkx, will be back for sure.

panjak bhatt | 22nd October 2013 All the staf in stratford library are very helpful and professional

Tooasalamasina | Marlborough | 22nd October 2013 great service

Kaye | 21st October 2013 Great service! APNK beaming through my hotel room wall while briefly in Hamilton for part of LIANZA conference. Thanks Hamilton Library and APNK!

brianwills | Wairoa | 21st October 2013 The staff at the Wairoa H.B. Library are thoroughly professional and really helpful !

an ricafort | 20th October 2013 Conducive place to study and got the resources that i need :)

Luke Sherman | New Plymouth | 19th October 2013 Great Service , Really enjoy it :D

callum | Invercargill | 19th October 2013 good service

Kim Roach | 18th October 2013 Great service thankyou

pelenatete | 18th October 2013 I like bulls libary

Turaki Akuhata | 18th October 2013 Thank you for this fantastic service where we can use our laptops to get further info from the free service to download some mahi for study purposes

Kelly Cobcroft | 17th October 2013 Lovely library

Bernice Kena | 17th October 2013 Great service thank you

Jeffrey Reihana | 16th October 2013 Great service

Ian Young | 14th October 2013 Excellent service, thank you

Ray Martin | 14th October 2013 A fantastic service. Thank you.

Greg Fearnley | Marlborough | 14th October 2013 Really appreciate the local service and support. Exceptioal. Thanks & Kind Regards.

sophie | 11th October 2013 Fabulous me and my crew LV this library thanks

Rinku Malhi | 9th October 2013 Good serviice

Hayley Knap | 9th October 2013 Thanks for the great use

Danielle boulter | Waimakariri | 9th October 2013 fantastic services great operating services and fabulous computer services.

santosh | 8th October 2013 Fantastic me and my friend s love this library.

Helin | 8th October 2013 Super dooper service. Helps with studies and also encourages people to come into the library. Great move!

josephine panla-an | 7th October 2013 very satisfactory service...

jared | Upper-Hutt | 6th October 2013 thanks for the computers at the upper hutt city library

josephine panla-an | 3rd October 2013 great service.......

E | Grey | 3rd October 2013 Visiting the library is the highlight of my week

bsh | 2nd October 2013 thankz heapz

Aretha Ngawaka | 1st October 2013 Thanks heaps ^.^

sdj | 1st October 2013 awesome free wifi

mel | 1st October 2013 what an awesome service to provide for the township of Kawerau

Pisa | 1st October 2013 Awesome service

Skuxxxxxx | 30th September 2013 Free wifi. Yeah boy

Lily | 30th September 2013 Thank you

jahvarn | 28th September 2013 Thank you for letting me use your wi-fi

veromique | 27th September 2013 thanks for letting the public be a part of this town and for letting loved ones to be closer

David Hair | 27th September 2013 Great service

rod | Upper-Hutt | 27th September 2013 computers are easy to use now. staff at upperhutt great

amrit | 26th September 2013 Really enjoying use wifi in the library

Pamela Sandoe | 25th September 2013 A big thank you. All I have to do now is learn to use my tablet!

Anneleise Hall | 25th September 2013 The South Wairarapa library staff are so awesome. I use the internet fairly regularly and have been so grateful for the kindness and friendliness of the staff at both Martinborough and Featherston. We are very lucky to have them.

alex katene | Kapiti | 24th September 2013 good service friendly people very helpful

julie | 23rd September 2013 Thank you wonderful service

Louise Morgan | 21st September 2013 I love Papakura libraray. Wonderful staff. Great resources. Keep up the good work.

Abu Mansaray | Invercargill | 20th September 2013 I can't thank you enough for this free Internet Service we are enjoying here in Invercargill City Library. This time whenever I need Internet Service, I don't think of where to go but come straight here at the Library. Once again, thanks a lot.

craig johnson | 20th September 2013 lovely library lovely people

veromique | 19th September 2013 thanks for inviting the public to enjoy the pleasures of life

Charles Dawson | 19th September 2013 What a wonderful space here at teh library; thanks heaps for the facilities and firendly help with our students! HECUA NZ

Ross | 19th September 2013 Thank you my only way to watch the cup go NZ

josephine panla-an | 18th September 2013 excellent service!!

Bruce | Auckland Northwest | 18th September 2013 Friendly staff! Thanks for the headset (:

tearoha | 18th September 2013 Thanks heaps library!!

lynn philpot | 17th September 2013 i really appreciate this service to us thank you

Krystal Barlow | Mackenzie | 17th September 2013 Love this library (:

Rindy | Mackenzie | 17th September 2013 Thank you!!

Huria Hutana | 14th September 2013 Thank u library

Sarah | 14th September 2013 A lifesaver when our power was out in the recent storm - and me with an assignment deadline!

clare weyden | 13th September 2013 Awesome to have free WiFi. Eltham library has lovely atmosphere

Don Madurawala | 13th September 2013 Great. Thanks

Name | Timaru | 11th September 2013 greaat internet

debbie begley | 11th September 2013 Awsome to hav Wi-Fi in our local library

Jessica | 10th September 2013 Yay wifi

Name | 5th September 2013 I've lived in Palmerston North my whole life and I love our library and the peace

cheyenne | Tasman | 5th September 2013 takaka library REPRESENT

Sonny | 4th September 2013 Thanks for the wifi. It's good that the library are willing to let people use it. Very selfless :)

Sam | 4th September 2013 Pukekohe finally has wifi!! :D

Pauline adams | Ruapehu | 2nd September 2013 Lovely peacefull atmoshere. The staff are very helpful and awesome, thanks!

Ebony | Taupo | 31st August 2013 Thank you for being herer everytime I need a book to read. Wifi to download things and Facebook to go on the computer

Michele | 31st August 2013 Awesome Library you have here in Wellsford...Thanks for the Wi Fi connection...Love the family atmosphere..

Dallas | 31st August 2013 Thanks for the wifi

janine | 30th August 2013 wonderful staff support awsme

Sharne | 30th August 2013 Thanks for the wi fi ;)

Rick Crandall | 29th August 2013 This service is a godsend, I am unable to get broadband in Lees road hahei. Thanks

Jassi | 28th August 2013 Awsum atmosphere and staff bieng responsible is realy good and variety of books to read is huge. Evn i lost my mobile here and they help to find me back. Thanks to ariki staff

jahvarn | 27th August 2013 Thank you for letting me use your wi-fi

Milez | 27th August 2013 Thank you for the free wifi,,I'm a frequently visit to your library,and thoroughly enjoyed it

Name | 27th August 2013 Huge than for the free Wi-Fi. Especially if I need further info from the websites

AMNBER | Auckland Northwest | 27th August 2013 great service hope its around forever!!!

jahvarn | 26th August 2013 Thank you for letting me use your wi-fi

Name | 26th August 2013 its been really awesome so I can update myc.v

joana gudoy | Mackenzie | 26th August 2013 thanks for wifi!

eugene | 26th August 2013 thanks 2 this place I don't need 2 get broadband connected for studies

Peter from Oz | 26th August 2013 What a wonderful service to the community and tourists. Go Thames. A great place to stay.

Jhade | 24th August 2013 A very good ambiance for study and learning..thanks

jackie | Auckland Northwest | 24th August 2013 Thanks for your help today at the whangaparaoa library, I got the help I needed ,I'm not very good on the computer so it was great that the staff here didnt mind helping this dummie to print things off. Its the little things that can mean the most.

Kate | 23rd August 2013 I can use free wifi so i can do my homework, projects and Researches. So thank you.

eva | Far North | 23rd August 2013 i like coming hea in da mornings coz its nice and quiet

Stella | Marlborough | 23rd August 2013 Very handy for jobseekers. Thank you for all the support.

Aria | 22nd August 2013 I can use the free wifi to learn even more about Taylor Swift, thanks

rocky | 22nd August 2013 Thanks for the free wifi

Erik | 21st August 2013 Thank you this allows me to keep in touch with friends and family

joseph | Auckland South | 21st August 2013 all my work can get done thank you

Kurt Lindsay | Matamata-Piako | 20th August 2013 i like watching youtube here at the library and downloading annoying mods for my stupid games

terry kilburn | 20th August 2013 thanks.this helps me keep in touch with family

Elsie King | 20th August 2013 Thanks for the free access to wifi

hardeep singh | 20th August 2013 i like to visit ashburton library to get more information and i love to read books. so thats y nothing better than this place.

Anon | 19th August 2013 thanks for the Wi-Fi

Kim | 19th August 2013 Thank you for the free wifi service. It's very much appreciated when traveling.

Michelle campbell | 17th August 2013 Just awesome, just like your awesome town, thank you so much

Janice Reich | 17th August 2013 Thanks for WiFi <3

J.D.Ranginui | 16th August 2013 Thank you very much for making your WIFI available to me it was really appriciated kia ora

malia | 15th August 2013 thsnkd you so much for letting me using this wifi much appreciated thanks you

Jess | Mackenzie | 14th August 2013 thanks for the wifi (:

kiriana | 14th August 2013 thanks for the free wi-fi :) !!

Aroha | Gisborne | 13th August 2013 Thanks great service. Especially when its free.

julia | Kapiti | 12th August 2013 thank you so much have a awesome day! :)

Tash | 12th August 2013 Awesome :)

Margy | Waitaki | 9th August 2013 Fantastic community service! Many thanks.

Camila | 9th August 2013 Thank you for the free wifi!!!!!!!!! is awesome!!!

Carlon keen | 8th August 2013 Cool fun to use

Ed Franken | 8th August 2013 Such a good idea. Thanks

monica | 6th August 2013 Great and valuable internet access help!


Debris | 6th August 2013 Awesum gamez

alice | 5th August 2013 Wonderful services.great resorce

Jaco | 5th August 2013 Many thanks for the use of this wonderful facility and internet access. Much appreciated.

Name | 4th August 2013 Excellent resource and very helpful to informed research

Scotty Robertson | Kapiti | 2nd August 2013 thanks for the internet access

Ian | 1st August 2013 Thank You for the great Asset to our small town.

Cindy Jones | 31st July 2013 Many thanks for this service, very much appreciated.

A. Local | 30th July 2013 Great service A++. Good educations for kids and adults :)

Grace | 29th July 2013 Love ur library most also me place to bring kids to help them learn 5 star ryt hea in papakura

Heather | 28th July 2013 Free Wifi when one is away from home makes life much easier. Thanks, it's a great service.

Jp Mccleery | 27th July 2013 Good for the kids

neil | 25th July 2013 As a visitor it is great to have the opportunity of communicating with family and friends from a local portal. your friendly staff assist in the whole exercise. Many thanks

deLautour | 25th July 2013 Thanks for the free Wi fi

Holly | 24th July 2013 Thank you very much for the free wifi I appreciate it very much

Name | Whakatane | 24th July 2013 Being able to use the internet in the library makes studying so much easier, thanks guys!

tish | 24th July 2013 Thanks so much for the free wifi!!! :)

Joseph | 23rd July 2013 Thank u for the free internet

susie | 23rd July 2013 Lovely service it really awesome!!!! Keep up the good work supporting our community

Barbara | 23rd July 2013 Thanks for the free email - awesome, really helpful

frances harding | 22nd July 2013 Great service. Dont have internet at hme. Nice staff

jhon smith | Dunedin | 22nd July 2013 awesome free internet

tanya low | 21st July 2013 Great for us poor people that are trying to learn new things, but cant afford the comfort of the net at home. Thnks!

jessie | 20th July 2013 Awesome service . Love it keep it up.!!!!

Ian Brader | 19th July 2013 brilliant set up. thank you

Forey Mitai | 19th July 2013 The access to internet is cool cause theres heaps of things that are needed and this is the service that provides it. Thankyou.

Eustacia Mweemba Mazila | 18th July 2013 Nice service to access internet. It was great being here

christopher foote | 18th July 2013 fantastic service... keep it up!!!

bree | Grey | 16th July 2013 this is a great way for people to access things they need when you dont have the net at home thank you

Elinor | 16th July 2013 A great service thankyou very much

Geoff | 15th July 2013 I think this is a great service for the community

rachel | 11th July 2013 Thank you

josie | 11th July 2013 Awesume, thanks .

Name | Far North | 11th July 2013 thanks for making everyone feel so much as home and in contact

phillip | 8th July 2013 I love to use this for job hunting

RDee | Hamilton | 6th July 2013 I am thinking that the service here in this library, speaks for itself, Delightful, intelligent and very caring besides warm and very helpful. So please, keep up the good work you and your crew are a very important asset to Hamilton and also to the community so thank you very much...

Darren | 5th July 2013 Great facilialty,great service.thanks.

william | Hurunui | 2nd July 2013 Hello. Its great to have a wonderful library. Amberley Nt. Canterbury. Hurunui. Helpful staff with a smile. Just makes ones day.Thankyou.

Daryl Redford | 1st July 2013 Thank you for the wonderful service in such lovely surroundings

Julia Gray | 29th June 2013 Great service, very friendly & helpful staff and good coffee! You are a lifesaver ...

Marg | 27th June 2013 I would like to thank the staff at Papakura library for the great work they do. They are incredibly helpful and go out of their way to help users of the library, and I want them to know how much they are appreciated.

Travis | Selwyn | 27th June 2013 thanks for the free wifi it makes life easy to do important work when u have none available to you Helps out alot thank you very much

Penny | Western-Bay-of-Plenty | 27th June 2013 How wonderful to be able to update my CV and apply for a job using this wifi as I don't have office word on my PC... thanks : )

Anon | 27th June 2013 Awesum local service, well done Buller!

Marg Vlaar | 27th June 2013 It is great to be able to use my iPad while in the library. Many thanks for the facility.

ada | 25th June 2013 thanks a lot of free wifi.

marilyn green | 24th June 2013 thank you for the wifi

Tarnzjah | 24th June 2013 Thank you Te-ahu for the free wifi. When i'm having problems with my own connection,i'm here. Thanks again

devender | 23rd June 2013 thanks a lot for wifi

Helen | 20th June 2013 Wow new Library in Wellsford is awesome just what our community needs thanks for free wifi We live rurally and cant get broadband THANKS AGAIN

Will | 19th June 2013 Support free and open wifi!

laura | 18th June 2013 Thanxs so much for the wifi

Barbara, travelling around | 14th June 2013 My husband & I are travelling NZ doing research for a book we are writing - the wi-fi service provided at libraries all over the place is FANTASTIC and we are making very good use of it. Keep up the excellent work.

Te Aroha Rogers | Auckland South | 12th June 2013 First time user in Pukekohe, so easy to access

Edward Delamere | 6th June 2013 Kai pai

trevor | Opotiki | 1st June 2013 hi this library rocks

kristel wanikau | Hamilton | 31st May 2013 people smile wen u enter and wen u leave the attend to your needs when they are avaliable too

Nikoia | Kapiti | 29th May 2013 I love this anyway for the person who did this place i give them a thumbs up <3

Missi | 28th May 2013 Kaikohe has a great team in their library. They are so friendly and they are so helpful. They smile when you entry and leave. They smile at you in streets and they get to know who you are, because they help you with what ever you ask.

priscilla Taniwha | 26th May 2013 I just love the fact that my daughter an I can do research while the other 5 children can be occupying themselves with the learning games, puzzles, literature of all sorts an access to internet. While not having to leave any of them together quick access to the toilets.!!

Leshana | Tasman | 25th May 2013 Thank you for your great and friendly service :-)

Bernie | 24th May 2013 Great people, great service and great environment...what more could one ask for ...Thank you!

darcelle | Whakatane | 23rd May 2013 really nice to get that time you need to yourself and feel comfortable around the rest of the community being in the library. a calming and vibrant quiet place 2 to be.

Emma | 21st May 2013 It's great to be able to come to the library to work on my assignment, while my wife takes our daughter to the museum!

Kahu | 21st May 2013 Thanks 4 that

lindsay mclintock | 16th May 2013 Great service

Destiny | Taupo | 14th May 2013 the ladies are so friendly here..ive come in that much everyone remembers my name...thanks u for a warm welcome to my new favourite place to relax..

james | 11th May 2013 Awesome service and a great help for my study. I believe the community benefit a great deal for this service thank you.

Emma | 9th May 2013 As a new resident having not been able to set up internet at home yet, being able to come to the library and have access to free fast wifi is such a help. I have paid bills, kept in touch with family and friends, looked for jobs, sent my CV to prospective employers. All possible because of the awesome Oamaru library. Great staff, great place. Thank you so much

Russell | 9th May 2013 As a sales rep travelling the country communication while I am away is essential. After being unable to access the Internet at a local motel it was suggested I head down to the Westport library. At 11pm it was a relief to find I could follow up on urgent emails while parked outside the library. It was a big help, thank-you!

Vincent | 8th May 2013 Ataahua wonderful awesome service and very freindly supportive staff who are always willing to assist, thanks for the manaakitanga & awhinatanga especially when you have assignments to fulfill Cheers Hapi

JimBob | 8th May 2013 Amazing service. Free access to communication and information can only benefit our community. Great things will come of this, have no doubt.

Kees | 7th May 2013 Thanks :-)

Margaret | 7th May 2013 Thanks to the wonderful staff at the gisborne library, for taking the time to help me print off some urgent documents. The kind staff member didnt just DO IT for me they took the time to show me how. ka mau te wehi !!!!

Ray | Auckland South | 7th May 2013 Thank you its been awesome

Name | 6th May 2013 Thank u soo much

marlon aragon | 5th May 2013 excellent public service, i had an emergency to reply with an email, and connection was available..thnk you

Maria | Buller | 3rd May 2013 Awesome service - My laptop broke and I was able to continue the job I was working on a public library pc. great stuff. Thank you

Peete. Waiwiri | Matamata-Piako | 2nd May 2013 Kia ora ano! Thank-you for the free internet provision and also to the provider of this service-(ISP) and a hearty Kia ora rawa tu!!!

Vicki P | 2nd May 2013 You have created a wonderful facility, from design to atmosphere. Thank you, I achieved a lot while there. And, it was awesome to be able to use the internet, so again thankyou !!!

jess king | 1st May 2013 thanku for the wifi

Tear George | 1st May 2013 Thank u for the wi fi

Chris | Kapiti | 30th April 2013 Thank You very much for the WiFi

Phil (Zaphod Beeblebrox) | Auckland Northwest | 29th April 2013 Great library, great wi-fi, good drinks.

Hunter | 29th April 2013 Thanks for the free wifi !

Poui | 29th April 2013 Fanxs use foa da free wi-fi

Jazzy | 29th April 2013 Thanks for the wifi

Name | 27th April 2013 Thnx alot for the wifi was really awesome :)

Michael | 27th April 2013 Thank you so much for the wifi. Life saver!

Debbie | 25th April 2013 Thanks for the wifi

Samuel | Nelson | 24th April 2013 Thanks for free Wifi

Buraieta Tebakatu | 24th April 2013 Thanx a lot for the wifi....very helpful

Ada | 23rd April 2013 What an awesome tool for studying with free access to Wifi Internet. Most worthwhile for those who live in areas that experience extremely bad connection and reception. Love it

Maus | 23rd April 2013 Thank you! & thank you for the wifi!

bernadette | 23rd April 2013 Thanks. Much appreciated

Ravinder | 23rd April 2013 Thanks for WiFi, it's awesome

love | 23rd April 2013 thanks 4 da wifi

Robert | 22nd April 2013 Great i love far north wifi thanks aotearoapeoplesnetwork

Bridgette | 20th April 2013 Grreat Wifi Thanks

d.wayne | 20th April 2013 mad props

lzy | 19th April 2013 Thankyou so much for the wifi it is great that your residents can cum sumwhere n not have to pay the high charges like all the cafe's charge

Mojo | 19th April 2013 gr8 1, luv ya heaps 4 da wi-fi!

Marie | 19th April 2013 thanks sooo much

Holly | 18th April 2013 Thanks heaps 4 the wifi

trayc | 18th April 2013 wifi rocks thanks bellblock library aaa+ service

Miranda | 18th April 2013 Brilliant service. Provides an office when on the road. Thank you

Mark | 18th April 2013 Really fast, this is what the norm should be in any city, free Internet access is must be good for business. Thank you Puki Ariki for this !

cool to use wifi here wen i need it | 18th April 2013 thank you for the wi fi i need

Rikako | 18th April 2013 Thanks a lot!!!! I should have come here earlier. On my~~~~ !

Brettt Taylor | 17th April 2013 Awesome service.Love the library

Sav | 17th April 2013 Love free wifi! Use it on a daily's awesome..thankyou

Brian Wilson | 16th April 2013 Thanks a million. Collected emails without a hitch.

Penny Davidson | 16th April 2013 Many thanks for the wifi!

Joan toomey | 15th April 2013 It is a great service with lovely people behind the counter to help you

courts | 14th April 2013 Wonderful to find a free wifi

Tony | 13th April 2013 Thanks for the service

Cleo Thompson Burrell | 12th April 2013 Thank you for the use of your Wi Fi. You girls rock.

Katrina | 11th April 2013 Thank you for the wifi

Nicky Jones | 9th April 2013 Wonderful to find a place with free wi-fi for a mobile working mum who's on holiday campervaning. A place for the kids to play and read while mum does a little work and find a place to stay!

Amay | 9th April 2013 at the Taiura library nd enjoying Wifi on my days off like other weeks...its very kind of u guys to provide wifi nd quite surrounding to read and work on the assignments...which I couldn't at my place nd this my trip from Pauanui very much worth.

Katrina | 9th April 2013 Thank you

Guybrush Threepwood | Auckland Northwest | 8th April 2013 I've been using libraries ever since I could read. They are a fantastic resource for all my adventures. I hope one day I'll find my 'holy grail', so to speak, my 'big whoop'. Only through libraries do I have the opportunity to advance my story till the next chapter.

Dawn rupapera | 8th April 2013 Thank you for your kindness

Poipoia Te Taonga Poa | Putiki | 7th April 2013 Thank-you, this has been really helpful for school assignments :D Kia Ora

ngawai | 6th April 2013 thanks for letting me and my sister maria use your wifi hehe ttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaannnnnkkkkkzzzzz

Mark Meckstroth | 5th April 2013 Thank you.

james wallace | 4th April 2013 Thank you for your service you have been awesome and very helpful with my studies.

raj | 4th April 2013 thanks for the access to internet been very helpful in my studies

Latara Nicoll | 2nd April 2013 Thank u for letting me use your kind services for my studys, THANK U Kia Ora

bin zheng | 1st April 2013 i appreciate the service you provide to us,thanks a lot!

Paul Sheridan | 30th March 2013 Thank you-a vital service for a vital democracy! Paul S.

Eli | 29th March 2013 Thank you!

Jarrod Wilson | 27th March 2013 Thank you

Grace Mauheni | 27th March 2013 I appreciate the service you provided for use, thank you very much.

Ryan Moraes | 25th March 2013 thank you for the wonderful service

Anne | 22nd March 2013 Great access @ Kumeu. Better than the access at central Auckland Libraries

Neil | 18th March 2013 thanks for the access - great city great place - WOMAD goes off WETMAD perhaps this year but such a great venue sound quality was exceptional and just a great vibe.I am coming next year for sure.....Thanks Taranaki

Louise | 15th March 2013 Thanks very much for providing this invaluable service, much apreciated

belinda white | 15th March 2013 i love this

Janice | 12th March 2013 This is the 4th time I have been privileged to live in NZ for a short time (Greymouth, Invercargill, Takapuna, and now Timaru.) One of the first things I do each time is obtain a library card. Thank you for providing a space to read and use the internet as needed. This library is amonst the best.

Dan Dowson | 11th March 2013 Thanks for the use very handy

Rudi Erasmus | 11th March 2013 This is a great town. Great people and a great library. Thank you all.

Brian Colgan | 9th March 2013 Thank you for the facility of using the computer-it enabled me to keep in contact with home during my holiday. I take this opportunity to thank the staff in the Kerikeri library for their helpfulness and courtesy Brian

WD Wiremu | 9th March 2013 so quiet, just nice to sit and do our thing here :), thank you

Julia | 8th March 2013 This library is great. Thank you so much for having such a variety of books available. Friendly staff and lovely atmosphere.

Sue | 8th March 2013 Such a lovely place. Great Pingao exhibition

jean-claude | 7th March 2013 Very nice and friendly people in the library

angie cairncross | Kapiti | 5th March 2013 what a great resource

Darryl marriner | 2nd March 2013 Thanks so much for helping out in an urgent situation

jonathan tiangco | 2nd March 2013 Nice free internet service.keep it up..

Andy Parker | 1st March 2013 Very helpful indeed

selena | Auckland Northwest | 26th February 2013 awesome bro :)

Ali | 24th February 2013 Thanx

Ray | 23rd February 2013 Great stuff guys. Helped with study :)

marky javier | 22nd February 2013 Superb!!

Martin | 18th February 2013 I've been here several times (Waipawa Library) while visiting family, and have been so impressed by the atmosphere and the helpfulness and warm welcome from the staff. A few lessons to be learned by some library staff I've known in the UK!!

wendy rees | 13th February 2013 thanku for service

ken hakanson | 12th February 2013 what a delightful public libary here in Leeston in the Canterbury district, friendly staff and most modern facilities,a great assat for the township

Hj gray | 12th February 2013 Lots of books. Good atmosphere. Loving it

lope tarucan | 12th February 2013 Excellent

Usman | 11th February 2013 It was wonderful place,I love picton

aaina | 10th February 2013 awsm mindblowing

Colleen Reid | 10th February 2013 We have spent many wonderful days travelling around the South Island.many times we have stopped in awe at the scenery. But best of all is we have be enable to share this experience thanks to this wonderful service.

raffy | 9th February 2013 Thank u for free nternet

dayzaell | 8th February 2013 Its cool to have some where yuee can go n relax!

Gale | Taupo | 8th February 2013 Thank you so much!!!

Andrew | 7th February 2013 Just great - thanks

Dieter Giesen | 7th February 2013 Great Service, Thank you so much.

Duke Welter | Selwyn | 7th February 2013 The folks downtown said you had the best internet service anywhere. They were right! Thanks for providing this valuable service. As a person a long way from my North American home, this is invaluable.

Frances | 5th February 2013 Yes thank you kaikohe library I am also one of the lucky 1's to access their service

Kieran | 4th February 2013 I used the wifi outside Hillcrest Library on Sunday afternoon during a bike ride with my friend Jeff to find out how much stationery cost at our new school. It saved me biking up the hill to check at home :P

Garry king | 3rd February 2013 Great sirvice

helena | 1st February 2013 awesome to have this service for the unfortunates that can not afford the internet...thank you kaikohe library...

Ron Brown-Rigg | 30th January 2013 A great innovation and proof that New Zealand is at the forefront of educational service for all it's citizens both old and young well done nz

Simon | 28th January 2013 Service is perfect ! Thanks !

Tristram Smith | 24th January 2013 Great service good 2 have this service for free great to ues

garry mcdonald | New Plymouth | 24th January 2013 Good system

KK | 23rd January 2013 I was always disconnected when I visited Wairoa. Since I discovered the library offers this service I am leading a normal life connected to the world. Thanks a heap. KK

patricia crosby | 23rd January 2013 Thankyou for fee wifi dinsdale library

Risto | 22nd January 2013 Its essential for tourists that there is a wifi available. Thousand thanks for NZ libraries!!

Mike walls | 22nd January 2013 Awesome se.rvice! Thank you!

K.Fong | 20th January 2013 What a good service for visitors to kep in touch.thank you so much!

lisa | 15th January 2013 love the Gisborne library, the wifi for me is life changing. Helps me pay bills, look for a job, and I come here and feel apart of the community. BUT this library needs more seats, there is no place to park up :)

Brendan | 9th January 2013 Awesome that we can get free wifi in Tairua!! Makes research of the area so much easier

Dugal Harcourt | 8th January 2013 Dear reader, You having the access to the interned in the comfort of this worm--cool libuary must be appreciated and supported. Sincerely Dugal Harcourt X farmer now inventor of the Harcourt Fly Wheel Engine.

Sue | 8th January 2013 Thanks so much for giving tne publicfree access to the internet in a warm environment, especially when the wind is so cold outside. So generous and wonderful hospitality. Yay Dunedin.

Victoria CHARTERS LEAHY | Matamata-Piako | 8th January 2013 YAY FREE WI FI LIKE MC DS

Thomas Wilson | 7th January 2013 Thank you for your friendly and helpful service. The library has a lovely atmosphere.

Peter | Hurunui | 5th January 2013 Thanks for making this facility available. Friendly staff & good facilities.

Anon | Tasman | 5th January 2013 yay free internet!!!

babu singh | 28th December 2012 thanks for this free service

Brian Batchelder | 22nd December 2012 excellent service and freindly staff at Richmond Library...a credit to you all!

Bernadette Brophy | 21st December 2012 Great service, great staff.....thank you! Festive season greetings!

Mata | 20th December 2012 This is awesome

Skype User | 18th December 2012 It's handy to make skype calls overseas.

thanks for everything | 12th December 2012 Thanks got alot of information

Crew | 12th December 2012 Thx alot

Margaret | Kapiti | 10th December 2012 Thanks for making the internet a lot more accessible for the community.

Joeri | 9th December 2012 Really thanks a lot. I love libraries for free wifi.

Ry Stinton | 8th December 2012 The environment is excellent and the wifi service is absolutely fabulous. It helped me get a new job (using Skype). This is exactly the type of information sharing and empowering services that all libraries should embrace. Well done.

forrest gump | 8th December 2012 Thanks got alot of information for my school project

Jean McLean | 7th December 2012 Love the set up around the country of libraries having WiFi when I'm on the road. I like the Te Puke set up of I-Site in thr library complex

lynette | 6th December 2012 You guys rock. if it wasnt for you guys i would still be living in the caveman days with no connection xxxx

rex | 5th December 2012 More thanks for the network you provided within the place.I appreciated it much.

Allan | 5th December 2012 Thanks very much you guys rock

bob | 3rd December 2012 Excellent and very organized.

Liga | Western-Bay-of-Plenty | 3rd December 2012 Thanks. I found lot of info for my little project

Anon | 3rd December 2012 thankyou so much,@ 72 living alone this facilitry @ my library is invaluable,it means I can study in the quiet surrounds of the library. Merry Christmas to you all and festive joy for 20123

Rosey TAngaraoawhai | Waimakariri | 29th November 2012 Thank you for an awesome service

James | 28th November 2012 Thanks APNK, being able to work remotely using the wifi at Taumarunui library over the past few weeks has been invaluable. Cheers!

Noname | Nelson | 27th November 2012 Thank you SO MUCH!

Aisjah | South Taranaki | 26th November 2012 Thankiees Guy ILY without facebook ill be shattered

ariel gonzales | 26th November 2012 thanks for free w i-fi

anne-marie Ford | 26th November 2012 i appreciate the use of Mahurangi library for my internet

Robbie | 26th November 2012 a safe haven 4 a weary head, fresh information to grow with and smiles all round to brighten, what could otherwise be, a dull day!!! Thank you for your service and thank u for your friendships, peace to all those that value their freedom

Jason | 24th November 2012 Thank you soooooo much for the wi fi

Me | 24th November 2012 thanks so much!!! loving the free internet...helps me research music history :)

Turitu | 24th November 2012 tena koutou i to koutou awhi tuatahi i te mahi i to koutou i te wa nei na reira mauri ora ki a koutout katoa

Joeri | 23rd November 2012 Thank you for free wifi! :)

Karen jones | 22nd November 2012 Thanks so much!

Dawn | Thames-Coromandel | 22nd November 2012 Thanks for the use of your library this year. It is great to have students in such a welcoming environment.

Fiona | 21st November 2012 Thanks for the quiet place to sit and write my NANOWRIMO novel, and internet access so I can track my progress :)

mr whoppy | South Taranaki | 21st November 2012 thanx 4 the free internet helped me

Mareta | Kaipara | 20th November 2012 By using the free internet, I have been able to complete my degree!!! Thank You so so much!!!

Diego Ariel Retamal | Marlborough | 17th November 2012 Thank you so much library of Marlborough for give me free internet, I so important to me cause I talk with my family in Chile. I Love NewZealand

Dave Preston | 16th November 2012 Kia ora and thank you for helping me stay in touch with family and friends while I'm visiting NZ. Your facility is a much appreciated blessing.

Hayley Makihele | 16th November 2012 great to have free wireless offered here at the library to help with studies! Thank you so much.

Liza | 15th November 2012 Lovely bright peaceful setting. Thoroughly enjoy my visits

Howard Pilot | 14th November 2012 Great site, friendly, helpful people.

Pirihira | 14th November 2012 Thanks for the free internet 4 assignments completed! Yehaa

helen | 13th November 2012 Kia ora the free internet has helped me study. Thanks

helen | 13th November 2012 Kia ora the free internet has helped me study. Thanks

sara | Hamilton | 13th November 2012 it has helped me keep my sanity and i like the environment of the library

peete | 13th November 2012 I would like the Aotearoa peoplesnetwork and providers to accept this message of deep and heart felt thanks! for the service that you have been providing for the last few years for free and would like to thank you all from the midst of my heart, for being there when I needed an internet connection in these days of ecconomic decline (namely because I couldn't afford the internet even 'cafe internet') & wish you all the most glorious filled pleasantries inn the entire world to you all!!!! Thanks again!!!

w kupenga-keefe | 13th November 2012 Excellent service. Tops :)

Marlyn | 12th November 2012 thank u for a free wifi.

Maria Aravena | 8th November 2012 IS VERY GOOD CONECTION THANKS

hannah | Dunedin | 7th November 2012 really great service

molly | Waitaki | 5th November 2012 this is such a great wifi net work and great to have in a library

John Gillanders | 5th November 2012 Thanks for providing this great service! It's much appreciated, and enhances the area. :)

Bob boyes | 5th November 2012 Thank you for this service much appreciated

Joan toomey | 5th November 2012 Thank you for having wifi

Kris | 5th November 2012 Rangiora and Kaiakpoi Libraries - you have been a life-saver! Just moved to the area and am so grateful to be able to stay connected. Grateful thanks!

samuel brightenhill | 3rd November 2012 thanks for the wifi internet,its a blessing that this services is open to the public thank you

Richard | 1st November 2012 Thank you for the easy big agree button and the air conditioning. Dont ever go away sweet library.

peete | Matamata-Piako | 30th October 2012 Well and well to you this service providers... 'you all rock the planet so well with this free service that you all provide and thanks for the opportunity to keep in contact with the world!!!!

veronica | Rangitikei | 30th October 2012 i love Taihape library its so awesome and colourful!!!

B Black | 28th October 2012 Nelsons libraries are well located, helpful staff and great opening hours. Nelson you ROCK!

James Clark | 26th October 2012 Dunedin city library is fantastic. In a time where librarys are closing throughout the UK this building in Dunedin is a complete treasure. I love it.

Christina Malins | 24th October 2012 Great to have the opportunity of wi fi

Lyn | 23rd October 2012 It is so awesome to have free internet access especially on holiday when aged aunties do not have the technology in their homes and life must go on!! Thank you.Lyn

Rob Glass | 18th October 2012 Hawera Library is great, nice staff, great internet access, nice furniture. Thanks

Duga; Harcourt | 16th October 2012 The Libaries are a very restfull areas to work from and always have helpfull staff. Dugal

Michael Lawrence | 16th October 2012 Enjoy the privilege of using wi-fi and the connection to the school. Thanks, Michael.

Zuni | 15th October 2012 The internet service is a great way to look for jobs, many thanks.

Lena | Central Hawke's Bay | 9th October 2012 Love this internet its good to come catch up with family members :) ka pai !

Mere 101 | Waitomo | 3rd October 2012 Kia Ora, awsome to have the internet as it is so convienent to have a browse and catching up on the goss. Excellent sevice! ka pai!

emily | 2nd October 2012 this library is great, its so neat to see all the kids wanting to hang out here, families etc, but this place needs more space, there is nowhere to sit and use my laptop. Cheers for the free wifi though!!!

christine | Auckland Northwest | 2nd October 2012 great service, as not everyone can afford or have internet at home, especially if only using it every so often, good to see our rates, and taxes are going to something useful for a miracle of a change!

Dawn | Far North | 1st October 2012 Kia ora for the access to this service which makes it convenient to contact whanau and do simple jobs online that are very useful when you are away from home. Ka pai! Kia ora mo tena! Arohanui

Julien | Taupo | 28th September 2012 Internet gratuit c'est cool !

Bernadette | 28th September 2012 Great network, services and most importantly the people....thanks for it all, you the bomb;-)...Have a fabulous day!

luke | Mackenzie | 27th September 2012 hello great network

Helen Moanaroa | 26th September 2012 Kia ora for the use of the internet Im able to do study while out of town Im from, Waimarama.

Indigenous2u | 26th September 2012 Great service FNDC for the greater North d(-_-)b

Homero | 21st September 2012 Thanks a lot for the free network! And a Piano! This library rocks!!

edward | 20th September 2012 Fantastic service at the Gisborne Library, they hav helped me to gain employment. I do not have access to the interent at home, but here they helped me connect to the net, find a template for a CV and then print it off. THANKS for helping me to get a job!!!

Garry | 20th September 2012 Free internet help me to study

Sungkyung Choi | 20th September 2012 Awesome!!!

sara | Hamilton | 19th September 2012 omg this library is so much better than tokoroa's library they charge u for everthing man this libraby is the man thanks

ray | 14th September 2012 Thank you for the free network!!!

ash | Far North | 14th September 2012 this free network amkes the library even ,ore awesome than it was!

nay | 11th September 2012 Solid as

Salote | 7th September 2012 Thank you for the free network. It allows me to find a nice (and warm) place to study and get my assignments done.

Name | 4th September 2012 So helpful - love the big agree button!

koro piripi | 30th August 2012 kool "i agree" button

Shaun | 28th August 2012 Cool network as it is free

john | 23rd August 2012 thanks

Mike Conlon | 22nd August 2012 Wow, that "I agree" button is absolutely unmissable now - I thought my computer suddenly had a problem or something as the letters are so big. Great job.

suze | 21st August 2012 we love the new 'I agree' button is brilliant. thanks

Anon | 20th August 2012 I love the central library and wifi, but could you add some more desks with hotpoints nearbuy. This would make a huge difference to laptop users.

emily perry | Westland | 17th August 2012 awesome net i love the books and im readiny young adult. reading from this place has many great experiances

Lynelle | 17th August 2012 Love the great big I agree button - easier to access on a cell phone than before!

Dugal Harcourt | 13th August 2012 This is just a great place to go on the internet, as there is much help from the staff who are A OK. Thanks Dugal HArcourt

Alan Buick | 9th August 2012 Thanks!

leo | 7th August 2012 awesum

Selwyn Library User | 6th August 2012 GREAT FAST internet. I live next door to library and i get a signal from home. 5 bars at home and fast. GREAT. Not having to leave the house. GREAT

hmae | 6th August 2012 very nice.. a top spot in town

Kartini | 4th August 2012 Cool and helpful

Name | Nelson | 3rd August 2012 if they had beds here i would move in

Name | Selwyn | 2nd August 2012 Its not is big is my school library but its beter

dean | 1st August 2012 mean as, theres wifi an X-BOX 360 and all of the series i read!

stacee sayward | Taupo | 31st July 2012 cool library. i will difinately come here next time im in taupo nz :)

Name | 29th July 2012 swt library mean hangout

George | 27th July 2012 Free WIFI and FAST. Go PATEA Go!!!!

Hutana maxwell | 26th July 2012 Te wiki o te reo maori... kia kaha tatou te whakamahi o tatou korero ki runga i te ipurangi.... kupu Hou- Ipurangi=internet... awesome if you can write or speak te reo maori go hard and put messages up on here..sweet ka pai... naku noa na Hooots

Bob Richards | 24th July 2012 excellent slibrary -v friendly ervice - much appreciated. also appreciate wireless service

Anonoymous | 23rd July 2012 GREAT FREE WIFI and FAST TOO :)

amelia | Stratford | 23rd July 2012 love it . it is awesome

dallas | Stratford | 23rd July 2012 its awesome here

Isileli.Ufi | Hamilton | 21st July 2012 Good library,something for everyone and excellent service from staff members.

Paula Luders | Tararua | 20th July 2012 Fantastic that there is WIFI at the library, great service

karena | 20th July 2012 thanks heaps, now i can carry on with my studies. Excellent

josephine maniapoto | 19th July 2012 G8 lookin library itz niice and big and heapz of stuff 4 every 1

Sara Good | 18th July 2012 Thank you

Gabrielle Mills | Mackenzie | 16th July 2012 g8 speed love the library internet

Name | Stratford | 16th July 2012 cool place 2 use it

jardan | 16th July 2012 Thanks

Selwyn Library User | 14th July 2012 I LOVE the ultra fast internet. Now I can go to the library and use broadband. I cant use broadband at home cause my mum has VERY slow dial-up. :)

Name | 12th July 2012 Thanks very much

Library user | 9th July 2012 Very useful thanks.

misaydez | Hamilton | 5th July 2012 this is like so cool

jack fife | Hurunui | 5th July 2012 i love the digital library....

ROMOLLO H HOTERE | 5th July 2012 Mauri-ora my name is Romollo H Hotere,nephew of the informas Lord Ralph Hotere, and nephew to the late Maori Maori Queen Te Atairangikahu, I would like to thankyou for your service.

Anon | Hurunui | 3rd July 2012 perfect for anz traveller..

john | Hurunui | 3rd July 2012 nice to have such a service

tiriwa | 3rd July 2012 thank you for your apprieciation

Luka campbell | Auckland Northwest | 3rd July 2012 i use the digital library all the time i think its fantastic love it :)

decharne | Auckland South | 30th June 2012 thankyou 4 letting us on internet

zoe | 30th June 2012 like the service here, welcome to the modern world which is connected by the almighty internet...

joanz | 27th June 2012 kul hvn dis service

Troy Broadley | Auckland Northwest | 22nd June 2012 love the new digital library i use it all the time soo cool i love it

Alitjo | 14th June 2012 Here's my two-cents worth as a single senior citizen reliant on a very low WINZ income: It is weeks since I have been able to go online, being temporarily homeless. Yeah, I have been busy looking for a place to rent. I was based at a city boarding house, but left promptly after being scared by disturbed residents there. However, Providence has recently blessed me. I recent found a converted garage to rent in a peaceful rural location. I'm happy my rent is helping a large family (7 kids) in straitened circumstances, instead of that slum landlord with many properties - who personally makes weekly visits to collect his rent in cash. Imagine my delight today, as a "man alone", to find I can reconnect to my loved ones through my little netbook, in the comfort of a warm and friendly local library in a friendly rural town! So I offer this message of appreciation for the aptly-named Aotearoa Peoples' Network (I acknowledge our ethnic diversity through the placement of the apostrophe!).

bernadine | Tasman | 11th June 2012 internet best service ever. Motueka librarians best patient librarians ever. espiecially during the school holidays. Well done

Atarangi Norman | 11th June 2012 I truly thank you for this service. I visit an elderly aunt who doesnt have internet and I need the net to access emails and internet banking. So Thank you that I can access this service.

Name | 8th June 2012 Great service thanks very much

Lephi | Invercargill | 1st June 2012 Since I temporary moved back to my parents place, they don't like me on their computer, so I come in the mornings and use the internet to help prepare for me to "cross the ditch".

Blair Johnson | 31st May 2012 thanks great service

Billy T | 30th May 2012 Currently I don't have the privilege of internet at home so it's cool to have access to good internet for research and general browsing. great stuff!

Hare | Auckland South | 28th May 2012 Thanks to the staff at Papakura Library fof the use of the internet, Tumeke!!

Rosaleen | 28th May 2012 thank you for the internet service. The complex is a great asset to the Kaitaia Community

mv Wellington Strait | 23rd May 2012 Thanks for the internet

Mykhailo Zatsarynnyi | 23rd May 2012 To get internet is very good!

dante | Matamata-Piako | 19th May 2012 the library is peaceful

Amandarin74 | Auckland South | 18th May 2012 the staff at the Pukekohe branch are fantastic!!!

HKH | 16th May 2012 Te Kauwhata library is fantastic, surprisingly peaceful, great views and comfy chairs. Good work people of TK!

Randi Ferguson | 16th May 2012 Love that your libraries are like those in the States and one can access the Internet for free. Our five weeks in your country have been most memorable. Thank you. Happy Travelers!

Bromeliad | Auckland South | 15th May 2012 Thanx for the use of this computer and enjoy your day!!??

Micheal Meredith | 15th May 2012 Thank you to the Invers library and your most awesome starr. You rock

Erana King | 15th May 2012 This is an awesome library with fabulous helpful staff, not to mention the fantastic free internet service. Ohakune is definitely the place to be and this library is one that I highly recommend. Well done Ohakune (o;

Kat | 11th May 2012 Thanx so much for the wifi service. I'm able to do my assignments in a stress free enviroment

Hera Taylor | 11th May 2012 Fantastic community value libraries are...Thank you

faisal | 9th May 2012 excellent service

James | Dunedin | 8th May 2012 Waikouaiti branch of the Dunedin Public Library is the best. A help desk home away from home

Harman | Auckland South | 2nd May 2012 I love this Library. Don't even feel like going back when I am here. Thank you so much for providing such a great place.

Tonari | 1st May 2012 Thank you so much for the free wifi and all the good books! I really love this library!

Rob G | 1st May 2012 Fantastic WIFI, nice couch

lis | Wairarapa | 26th April 2012 brilliant got me out of a real jam - Martnborough Library is the best

Sam Tram | 20th April 2012 Amazing set up in Te Anau! Much appreciated :D thanks!

Deidre Edwards | 20th April 2012 Thankyou heaps for internet acess

Name | Hurunui | 19th April 2012 wonderful staff, tahnk you so much..what a treat

jimmie | Gore | 19th April 2012 hey you guys are sooooooo awsome just cannot thank you enough for the great services thank you again

Ricki | Dunedin | 18th April 2012 Thankyou,appreciate the internet access :)

Maylene Hadfield | Hamilton | 18th April 2012 thanks so much for your courtesy it was great

Chris Joyce | Dunedin | 17th April 2012 Thanks so much for the computer internet

Aileone | 16th April 2012 Thanks for the great services

Justin Salter | Mackenzie | 12th April 2012 thanks so much for leting me use these computers at the fairlie libary and to al the hard working staff thanks :)

verna Lepou | Hamilton | 11th April 2012 this is the greatest library ever....thank you for your help...a visitor to hamilton

Name | 11th April 2012 Great service thankyou

rachel jennings | 11th April 2012 Excellent, lovely and warm facility. Helpful friendly staff, great to be able to go to a library again! Keep it up :-)

Michael Brown | Timaru | 5th April 2012 Happy Easter to all of the hard working libary staff at the Timaru District Libary. Have a good easter break!!

Rich | 5th April 2012 Excellent facility, life saver!

mark | 3rd April 2012 Great wifi for the people. Share the love

alejandr4o | 3rd April 2012 exellent nice signal thank you somuch.

Madan Bange | 2nd April 2012 first time user, all the best

ninganunga | Matamata-Piako | 2nd April 2012 Once again great service at a library in New Zealand. This time it is Te Aroha.

joy | Rangitikei | 27th March 2012 i like the bulls library coz jody is skaxx as she is AWESOME! lol :P

kaz | Ashburton | 27th March 2012 Orsum to see Ashburton have this service its been TUMEKE! CHURCHUR

JC Robert | 23rd March 2012 Excellent !....

Rob Glass | 20th March 2012 Once again lovely service when visiting the old hometown library at Hawera from the current hometown Margaret River. Even used the laptop table.

Name | Gore | 19th March 2012 Shot Gore library, top quality service

Aileone | 19th March 2012 Great deal and wonderful services

Anne Mortimer | Waitaki | 17th March 2012 Just popped in to Oamaru Library to check a few things. It was so easy and hassle free. Thanks for a great service guys!

dave and dave | 10th March 2012 to all the staff thankyou for being so helpfull and always go out of your way to bring a very good service

John D. Light | 8th March 2012 This is one of the best internet services that I have ever used. The Hibiscus Coast library system has to be the best anywhere in the world. I do a lot of traveling and have not found a better one . Thank you so very much for you great service to this community.

kasey | Central Hawke's Bay | 7th March 2012 Thankyou heaps for the use of your internet, its great to know that i can go on for free :)

Luba Roth | 7th March 2012 Thank you for your service

Victoria | Taupo | 7th March 2012 Thank you so much for the use of the internet. It is great to be able to tell friends and family what a fantastic place New Zealand is and how many beautiful things there are to see here.

Hinemotu Oka | 6th March 2012 thanks for the wifi and the mean comfy seats you have in paeroa library

DHARAM SINGH | Hamilton | 6th March 2012 Thanks , specially to Ms.Ally of your staff , firstly for helping me in search of books & also , had gone out of way initially to find out which of the PC is free and came to me and said , I, do not have to wait further and she would cancel my previous booking and had allocated me the free PC. Great, a very helpful attitude , which deserves a great appreciation. Thanks & Regards

Adrienne | 27th February 2012 Thanks for the wifi and comfy seat whilst waiting for my daughter at her art class.

Ruth Stephens | 27th February 2012 Taumarunui Library - wonderful helpful staff - really appreciate the services -

Natalie | Far North | 23rd February 2012 Awsome

elizabeth | 23rd February 2012 Great service!

peisze | 22nd February 2012 nice,comfortable and free wifi!!

abraham | 21st February 2012 Riichmond library very flash n comfortable

v chohan | 17th February 2012 Excellent service.

Peter | 14th February 2012 Library in taupo, verry good.

Tulip | Far North | 13th February 2012 @te ahu kaitaia - love the new library and free internet

Trace Davidson | 13th February 2012 cheers guys!

Andy | Southland | 10th February 2012 I have been able to work on an article that now looks to be well over 10,000 words long at the ICC library facilities in Invercargill and the SDC one at Otautau and it has been a real boon. The staff in both places are friendly and helpful. In the past six months I have been able to finish another 3500 word story which is yet to be published but I'm still hopeful. Many thanks to the ratepayers of these councils for this wonderful opportunity.

Prashanta | 9th February 2012 Thank you so much for free internet service. Staffs are very friendly and the atmosphere is just awesome.Compared to all other public library across the country i personally think this library is the best. cheers

H Edwards | Wairoa | 2nd February 2012 I am so impressed with the friendly service at the Wairoa library! I'm happy to share this feedback in person and online :-)

jyoti | 28th January 2012 Thanks to all of you lovely Ladies at the Library. You were all so very nice. My visit was a pleasure.

Rosey | 27th January 2012 Brilliant to be able to use the connection here in Kaiapoi considering the set backs that our library has endured. Cheers.

oddie sevilla | 27th January 2012 superb help for us thank you so much

Michelle Blake | 25th January 2012 Hi, I'm a member of the library already but was delighted to find you have free wireless as well. i was looking for somewhere to download a book onto my kindle & one of the very pleasent & helpful staff was able to assist me. i would just like to say a BIG thankyou!

Steven Karl Clark | 23rd January 2012 I've just moved to NZ and without APNK, I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with family and friends back in the UK. APNK is an invaluable resource.

Archie Paice | 20th January 2012 Thanks to all of you lovely Ladies at the Library. You were all so very nice. My visit was a pleasure.

Michaela | 18th January 2012 Thanx heaps

David rs Greer | Tasman | 17th January 2012 Good Service well done to Class A Staff

Tracey Davidson | 15th January 2012 thank you so mcuh for the ease of use cheers:)

Luba Roth | 12th January 2012 Thank you for the service Luba

Doreen Johnstone | Wairarapa | 12th January 2012 Thank you for the use of the computer

francis lemoncito | 10th January 2012 thank you very much for a free wifi inside the library

Frans Roest | 10th January 2012 Great to be in such a brilliant town as NELSON

arnulfo taclendo | 7th January 2012 thank you so much for giving me a chance to have a free wifi inside the library.

daniel | 6th January 2012 Appreciate the servive, many thanks daniel

Andrew Clark | 5th January 2012 Many, many thanks for your wonderful service here at the library. For those of us traveling and working remotely simultaneously this is a critically important resource. Highest commendations on providing for us travelers. Andrew

Anon | 5th January 2012 thank you for providing such a great service

PETER EZRA | 30th December 2011 Many thanks for the the internet and other library sevices. I love Aotearoa. I enjoy every moment while in NZ. Peter from Tanzania

vriand vertigo | 30th December 2011 tnx for the wifi, really helps us crews of mv spirit of adventure in our visit here on NZ

oddie sevilla | 24th December 2011 thank you so much its a big help for us

jyoti | 22nd December 2011 thanks

Anon | 20th December 2011 very helpful thank you !

Barbara Mowat | 16th December 2011 Thanks for this wonderful service. I'm from Vancouver BC Canada and first time in NZ, Love your country.

Jeremy | 15th December 2011 Thanks a lot for this internet connection ! So helpful !

Anon | 15th December 2011 Thankyou for the foresight underlying the provision of this service to the Thames community.

Balazs Borbely | 8th December 2011 It is absolutely invaluable to have this access. Please keep it free, it gives a fair shot in life for many.

p colonna | Wanganui | 8th December 2011 great service,couldnt get access otherwise

karora singh | 6th December 2011 i m learning a lot from internet of library

p COLONNA | Wanganui | 5th December 2011 GREAT SERVICE

stefano | 5th December 2011 thanks!!hey,lib should be opened also sat and sun..

Alex Beedie | Hurunui | 2nd December 2011 WiFi much appreciated, thanks.

Andrew cameron | 2nd December 2011 Thanks for the free wi-fi i really appreciate ot cheers

rox | 2nd December 2011 nei ra te mihi mahana mo tenei mahi mo te hapori. uz rok

narinder Kumar | 2nd December 2011 this library is useful for me in my syudy

RH WHARERAU | 1st December 2011 Tino pai tino ataahua

tania bay | Matamata-Piako | 30th November 2011 Thanks so much for providing this awesome facility for free. Computers are fab.

oliver lacsamana | 28th November 2011 thanks for the free wifi, this is really a big help for us seafarer. god bless and more power.

terry howe | 25th November 2011 i am 61 novis on computer, great service for poeple like me thanks

p colonna | Wanganui | 25th November 2011 beaut service

Narinder kumar | 23rd November 2011 I visited many times in this library it help me ,a lot in my studies and outside information as well it increase my knowledge

karora singh | 23rd November 2011 i visited many times to this library it helped me alot in studies because i m a international student

thanx for connecting me..kool buzz | 21st November 2011 awsum...

jayde | 21st November 2011 Thanks for the free wifi,its awesome.

F.A. Hutchison | 21st November 2011 I appreciate so much you have WIFI Internet, and without PW. Easy, and efficient. Bravo!

michelle | 18th November 2011 Thnk u guys heaps foa my free helpz heapz.

terry howe | 18th November 2011 apnk orwi fi great for us at the papakura libuarie, good if you have your own lap top means you dont have to wait to use other computers

Anon | 17th November 2011 Hawera Library is great veryconvient Thank You.

Nathan | 16th November 2011 Thanks for the free wifi!

HERBERT REBELLO | 7th November 2011 Thank you so much for the free wi fi in Port Chalmers. Great Service indeed.

Joy | Auckland South | 7th November 2011 Great news to hear that Great Barrier is now on APNK!

andrea | Timaru | 3rd November 2011 timaru library is awesome for have so many computers ive never had to wait for a computer =D two thumbs up

DOMINGO MAS | 3rd November 2011 EXCELLENT


Philip Nash | 15th October 2011 GREAT SERVICE

Atarangi - visitor to Kerikeri | 12th October 2011 Thank you Proctor library for your internet access. It helped me in a real moment of need.

Nicola | 12th October 2011 Wonderful here at Otaki Library. What a great space to share and hear all the Te Reo Maori all around us. Kia ora whanau.

Clive | 11th October 2011 Thanks very much...regards, Clive

Annalily | 8th October 2011 Thank you Kumeu/Huapai library! I can now use my computer at the Kumeu Community Art Gallery while minding the artworks. Great to have the same facilities here as in the CBD of Auckland!

Jennifer.-- Visitor from Bay Of Islands. | 5th October 2011 Thanks, SO much, - Nelson Library! - for the excellent spread of information & materials at our fingertips here... Plus, wonderfully helpful staff! .. And, even best of all! - the chance to plug-in my Laptop, and connect with my Families on the other sides of the world!! -Thank you, Nelson ratepayers, too.- I really do appreciate and enjoy this excellent service! :)

The Result | 5th October 2011 Awesome!!!

Helen | 4th October 2011 Just want to thank the organisation who set up this free wifi in the library at Otorohanga. It's a beautiful environment and the connection is really fast, unlike other 'free' wifi services. Thanks heaps.

Jason Simmons | Tasman | 3rd October 2011 Hi there..The Murchison Library is a nice relaxed place. The Librarian is super helpful. Well done Tasman District for having such a great place for us travellers to come in and feel at home. Cheers to APN too!

Patrick Powell | 30th September 2011 A great service. I will be back again. thanks.

leigh turner | Gore | 26th September 2011 hi i am seeking work in gore .. library is a great help in doing so


Andy Hamlett | 16th September 2011 A great service.

Dave Saies | 14th September 2011 Keep up the good work

Dinsdale library in Hamz | 10th September 2011 Dindale Library is awsum. Awesome to see my kids enjoyn books + libraries. Very helpful staff. Big ups Dinsdale

Corazon Clark | 7th September 2011 I've been to some other part of NZ libraries but never seen any library like in Gisborne that the staff were just very supportive in helping out people to link our own computer to the library network and have access to any email providers and use the internet as much as you want. Moreover, they have also provided free power point /wireless hotspot where you can switch on your computer to use the library's power. Perfect!!!They are awesome and excellent in service. Just looking forward that some libraries of NZ can do the same as what the Gisborne library is offering to the public. That would be a lot a help especially people doing some studies and having a job search like me. Thanks so much Gisborne library staff for giving this wonderful opportunity and had contributed a lot to have things done through internet access. Very much appreciated.

Rob, Jessica and Amelia | 1st September 2011 Hawera Library, great people, new lap top tables and always helpful and friendly. Rob

r.g.j.wiersma | 28th August 2011 thank you so much for the wonderful service the library provides,

ani bunnie | Auckland South | 24th August 2011 papakura library is awsum because youn can come to the library and jump on the computer for half an hour free thumbs up papakura

lex Dean | Wairoa | 19th August 2011 exolent service with relible computers. idea:- can we down load face book video's SpeedbitVideoDownloader as an example

Michael Brown | Timaru | 17th August 2011 A big thank you to Timaru libary staff who despite the bad weather over the last days, have kept the libary open, even though they may have wanted to be home with their familys.

Stephanie | 4th August 2011 This is marvellous! Long may it last!

jen hosking | 3rd August 2011 best idea yet thanks

JIM | 1st August 2011 Libraries are the mainstay of the world, without them we would be less than ignorant. Thank you for providing such an excellent service, even though I'm far from home! Thank you.

Robin | 24th July 2011 Library is like a Ocean full of Knowledge. Free wifi is a bonus. Thumbs up!! for Puke Ariki Library

Snage | 15th July 2011 I love love the wifi. its helps me with school HEAPS


medoew | Auckland South | 9th July 2011 i like kura library because you can play games on the computer

rajwinder | Auckland South | 6th July 2011 i love to being wid papakura librery, its great service, m enjoying ol da facalities and the friendly environment, thnxx for helping me in every step....

Rob G | 6th July 2011 The Hawera Library is fantastic, great staff, nice atmosphere and fast internet speed.

joseph | Auckland South | 4th July 2011 great to be at the papakura library.verything all in order especially the computer

Shelley BF | Central Hawke's Bay | 1st July 2011 Fantastic service! These CHB librarians are great!

Kerry | 28th June 2011 I just arrived here from Christchurch and I am totally enjoying the library facilities and the friendly, helpful staff. Thanks for making my move easier.

Paula | 24th June 2011 Love the free internet access (well free it costs me $100 on my rates yearly so I am going to utilise it). If only the Marton library had some where for adults to sit with their laptops .... I use the young adult area so battle the roudy teens on the couch. Thanks to the library staff they do try to control them. P

austen kyle | Buller | 21st June 2011 As a deaf person I find aotearoa people network lts me keep in touch,with my family,my business,my suppliers and customers.most useful .thank you.

ANNIE | 16th June 2011 Great Serivce...Library

Rob Attfield | 16th June 2011 This library is better to use for studying for exams when the uni is crammed with thousands of other students studying for exams. Great to see the powerful technology of the net available and within reach of all people.

monique | Dunedin | 15th June 2011 its pretty mad .. awesome that it has free computer facilities! :0

Renee Mose | 15th June 2011 Best Library to study at for exams. Awesome

Annie Williamson | 14th June 2011 Great library.

mered yosef | 13th June 2011 thank you Aotearoa people's network Kaharoa for letting people connect and inpower themselves to inpower inturn this unique nation of ours.God bless all of Aotearoa let all awake to beauty and courage of NZ

Steve | 12th June 2011 Its great to have free wifi internet at New Plymouth library, but is there any reason why it is so slow?

Benjie | 11th June 2011 Best library I've been by far.

Neil Lorimer | 11th June 2011 Very good service

Gabby | Hamilton | 11th June 2011 I love the library; the books, space and computers are fabulous. Thanks.

Tees | 10th June 2011 thanks for the free wireless use!

Blair | Wanganui | 9th June 2011 love the free use of your computers and easy logon, faster than the auckland librairy computers thanx very much.

keeley | Timaru | 9th June 2011 I just love this library, that i got a big bag full of books today and dad is mad about it

Danny | 9th June 2011 Kia Ora Thanks 4 computa usage, Very Kind

Jin Yong Yu | 9th June 2011 I would like to study in this library..So I appreciate that you admit me to use internet

Rangiawatea | 9th June 2011 Great! fantastic! Well done!.......and thank you to the person who thought of this!!!

Shaun | 9th June 2011 I've searched for things that I would never search for, examples areas, maps, CV and many more exciting stuff

jill | 8th June 2011 Thank you very much for able to use internet on my laptop here. Wonderful!

Vanessa | 3rd June 2011 The free internet is awesome! It's so hard to find here in New Zealand. It's really helpful to have it in the library for academic and social purposes. Thanks!

Belinda Davis | Grey | 3rd June 2011 Thanks so much for the free internet i love it & plus i dont have internet at home sooo its pretty great :)

anne | 2nd June 2011 Fantastic service, long may it last.

Janet winther | Auckland Northwest | 1st June 2011 All good

joel | 30th May 2011 free internet for free people! thank you

Jeff Goff | 28th May 2011 Thanks so much for everything over the past 7 months. Abby, Jeff, John and Lily

Jack | Southland | 24th May 2011 Great service for such a small town - Te Anau!

Mike B | Timaru | 23rd May 2011 Timaru library most helpful Staff. greatful grapefruit.

r.j | 23rd May 2011 just like to thank the person who is responsible for making this site churs

danny | 14th May 2011 otago library wonderful staff

Christopher Wulff | 13th May 2011 Fantastic service and really helpful staff. This is an amazing offering from the library for the good of the community.

Marg K | 12th May 2011 I would like to thank whoever is responsible for providing this service, as a low income beneficiary the free internet connection has enabled me to send off assignments for my course, access tutors for assistance and use Skype for tutor observations. Great service, thankyou to all concerned

Sarah | Wanganui | 12th May 2011 What a terrific service - our computer at home is broken and to be able to come and use this for free is just fantastic.

mike colville | Auckland Northwest | 12th May 2011 thanks for the use of your computer

david rs greer | 10th May 2011 Fastesst conection.....cheers

david rs greer | 5th May 2011 Fast conenection to day

Trish Davison Auckland | 4th May 2011 Wonderful service. Great surroundings & very helpful people . Thanks

Sally G | Buller | 4th May 2011 APN is awesome. I don't have internet access at home, so I come to the library to get online.

chris | Hamilton | 2nd May 2011 it's free what more could you ask for!

Beverly Ohline | 1st May 2011 This a wonderful service for the public and so appropriate for a library -- making even more information and communication available to ALL people free of charge. Good on you!!

francois OLLIER | 29th April 2011 Many thanks to the Council and Rae for providing such a charming shelter.

steve perks | 28th April 2011 great service well set up

david rs greer | 21st April 2011 Veary fast conecton

Name | 18th April 2011 lovely staff

Amit | 15th April 2011 Lovely n helpful staff. like it


tania | Dunedin | 11th April 2011 this is cool

Corazon Clark | 11th April 2011 Lovely staff at the library excellent customer services and thanks for giving us access to the internet its a huge help t the public.

RAY RALPH | 11th April 2011 What a relief to connect

George | 8th April 2011 Wonderful library and surroundings.

mibo | Buller | 7th April 2011 Thx 4 giving us Wifi connecttion to learn about new Buller artists website. Check this out:

Amy | 5th April 2011 Chhhuurrr studying at the KAWAKAWA Library =) & they actually have useful bOoks ' its goOd

mama ky | South Taranaki | 31st March 2011 sup dis web site is kool as aye

Haromi Williams | Te Rewarewa | 23rd March 2011 What a great service on our marae. Thanks APNK. Mauri ora

doug gunn | 23rd March 2011 great

pete | Wanganui | 23rd March 2011 great stuff

natalia | 22nd March 2011 great start on computers really helpful to the mind body and soul hahahaha

Tania Pouwhare | 22nd March 2011 This is a fantastic service - thanks!!

Kweenie | Marlborough | 14th March 2011 really helpful! found what i was looking for and it didn't take long =)

Luba Roth | 12th March 2011 Thank you very much for the fantastic service

gurdev | 7th March 2011 its realy great service

Garry Thompson | 5th March 2011 Great service!

alison | Auckland Northwest | 3rd March 2011 great service thanks the 10 thousand dollars i pay in rates has a benefit for me

oddie | 1st March 2011 its a very big help for me thank you so much ....more power to you

odelon sevilla | Dunedin | 16th February 2011 your a big help thank you so much

Keri Collier | 15th February 2011 Hello...I just wanted to say what great service I had when I came in here...this is my first time here and the gentleman at the counter is really helpful...he helped me joined and told me all about the service that I can get here and also the great plans that this library have...a great big thank you for the warm welcoming that I recieved...all the best with your plans....

NATHANIEL | 14th February 2011 im working on the ship,and in my first tym here,thank u very much for letting us using ur wifi,salamat po!philippine word saying thank uso much

Carolyn Bates | 28th January 2011 Lovely helpful staff and excellent service - a pleasure being a visitor to New Plymouth Library.

pete colonna | 26th January 2011 this library is a spring of knowledge

caroline | 24th January 2011 this service should be open from early morning to late , 11 pm , thanks for still bing e here some hrs known as caroline

Hitomi | Auckland South | 22nd January 2011 so useful thank you

john Marsden | 17th January 2011 Very helpful service.

Owen John Hasnip | Hamilton | 14th January 2011 Hamilton towns got one of the most impressive libraries in aotearoa.

Matlock, England | 14th January 2011 Thank you Marlborough Libraries for this great service.

te aroha | 13th January 2011 thankyou.

Karen J. | 31st December 2010 Amazing service to provide to the public. Many thanks; I am able to find good books to read while away from home, and keep in touch with friends and family in Canada.

Elin | 30th December 2010 Thanks so much!

airene octaviano | 20th December 2010 great service

Name | 19th December 2010 Thank you for the free service, I was able to Skype my family especially when the weather is such, that only indoor activities are possible. Seema

simon campbell-smith | 18th December 2010 excellent service!

Mahmood Ali | 13th December 2010 Excellent - many thanks

Sue | 9th December 2010 Great service. This time last year there was no APNK here at Paihia and now there is!! Yea. Way to go APNK Sue

Te Porohau | 6th December 2010 Thank you for being in kaikohe

Allan Caldwell | 6th December 2010 Free broadband connection at Timaru Library is an excellent Service. Very good for local public who maybe cannot afford intertnet. Keep up the good work

Leigh | Nelson | 6th December 2010 Thank you so much for the free internet access, for me it is a vital link to the outside world, given that Im in between houses! Much appreciated.

Te Porohau ruka Te Korako | 2nd December 2010 Thank you for the service today

comma | Matamata-Piako | 30th November 2010 lovely access to the free internet time guys well done thank u vewii much. it is alot of help for me and the important things i need to do. the internet can give the info u need.. i love it churr!!!!!!!!!

Name | Wairoa | 27th November 2010 thnxs for da fast mean internet connection bros

Ian | 24th November 2010 This service is truly appreciated. It allows me flewiblility and the ability to get the job done. Thanks very much.

Craig | 20th November 2010 great service

Colleen Tuua | 19th November 2010 Gizzy Librarian staff rock! Was visiting from Taranaki and needed to do some work while waiting for late meeting. Staff so friendly, helpful and generous. Thank you so very much.

Carlos Barattucci | 18th November 2010 I am a man who are living in Orewa and need internet connection anywhere. Tks for this service.

Tom Smith-Windsor | 10th November 2010 This is a very helpful and appreciated service!

Luca | 10th November 2010 Great service and great place. Compliments

David Pree | 7th November 2010 The librs=ary network is a wonderful service. APNK are to be congratulated

dr. c.c. kuruvatti | 1st November 2010 excellent service. thanking you.

Michael | 27th October 2010 A great public service! Thank you

Tom Smith-Windsor | 27th October 2010 My wife and I are currently travelling in New Zealand, and have family at home that it is important to keep in touch with. We greatly appreciate this service

george gibbs | 19th October 2010 travelling around nz and now at waihi , what a great idea the APNK network is , and just marvelous browsing local libraries .

corazon clark | 19th October 2010 I am very blessed to have access to your internet - that's awesome! Huge help to people like me dependent on internet looking for a job and at the same time getting in touch to my family to the Philippines. Thank you very much for this opportunity very much appreciated. Sincerely, Corazon

dr. c.c..kuruvatti | 14th October 2010 it is an excellent faclity available to public. thank you.

Steve | Tasman | 8th October 2010 Best coffee at Tasman Library thanks "Miles of Food provider" you are the best.....

Anne Marie Parsons | Dunedin | 30th September 2010 Port Chalmers Library rocks, especially during the school holidays

KIM | 16th September 2010 Good service

Name | 15th September 2010 It's good to have access to these public librarys nationwide and have access to the internet for free.

Mita O'Brien | 13th September 2010 Hamilton Central Library is an essential part of my extra-mural study and the free wireless internet is mean! Whoever recommended this initiative should be honored. Chur mean. Aye, is that you Mita Murray from Coromandel? Chur cuz!

worrigol | 13th September 2010 Oamaru library seems to be growing as a resource by the week.Maybe need to sort out more power outlets for all the laptops coming into the joint!

emily | Southland | 7th September 2010 staff in fiordland are awsome people really good to get along with

mita | Thames-Coromandel | 7th September 2010 i enjoy these choices given us by our library especially the use of the computers availiable for our use the books avaliable are of top class mita

Rachael Meese | 1st September 2010 The staff and environment at Whangaparaoa library is so welcoming; it's become my office away from the office!

Corazon | 26th August 2010 Hamilton Libraries have supportive staff and computers that are easily accessible...thanks

John | Wanganui | 17th August 2010 Best thing ever for a 62 year old - much better hardware and software than I have at home! John, Wanganui

Tim Bourke | Nelson | 16th August 2010 I love this library, good feel, loaded with books, information is the key is most cases and I love it!

richard still | Auckland Northwest | 11th August 2010 the staff are always friendly and helpful at the orewa branch of rodney libraries. cheers rj

CaffieneBreak | Otorohanga | 9th August 2010 Well there ya go . . . Otorohanga is a great place with great people and the provision of services here is AWESOME

Ignacio | 30th July 2010 thanks for the service Ignacio

Tony | Dunedin | 24th July 2010 hi i like it been on the aotearoa peoples computer

ningbar | 21st July 2010 gore liebery provide internet acsess its good job .many thanks for gore disrtic council.

zenith | Buller | 20th July 2010 Awesum service and a wide range of resources to choose from. thanks heaps and keep up the great work..

John Bacon | Hauraki | 20th July 2010 the ladies at recption are outstanding and a great credit to the organisation.really helpful and friendly.

Gaz | 16th July 2010 Awesome great service

Dee Gordon | 16th July 2010 what a wonderful service, bringing the web to the people...thank you. Gisborne is a forward thinking place

jessey heather | Timaru | 15th July 2010 good awesome it and so as many...thank u very much...youre the life changers.

Denis Stewart | 13th July 2010 I am very pleased with the service

monica | Te Rewarewa | 9th July 2010 just about all hooked up. I am looking forward to having the nanny and koro in here to surf the net.

jazmin | Far North | 8th July 2010 KIA ORA! cool liabary. awesome tu meke!

Sophie Kember | 8th July 2010 I think this library is great, I like how internet can be used by anyone because I need it for my school work. I am very pleased with the way this library is run.

Shannelle | Wanganui | 8th July 2010 Excellent service at Wanganui for my CV - thanks!

Steve Collins | 7th July 2010 I am always impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff whenever I visit. On needing an internet connection today, once again I experienced this same reception, and am really delighted to be able to use their wireless connection Thanks again Steve Collins

Jenn | Marlborough | 1st July 2010 great service and staff is super friendly :)

Ilse | 28th June 2010 Not to compare with commercial internet cafes: This network showcase what libraries are! Great service, great library (Buller), wonderful staff and a really fast and efficient network. Love it!

P Kalinowski | Buller | 23rd June 2010 This has been a godsend to me and my husband, while he has been waiting in the UK for his Visa. How would we have managed without skype? Thank you to all the staff in the library who have made this last year so much easier with their friendliness and assistance.

raylene | 18th June 2010 good service

Matthew | 18th June 2010 Absolutly fantastic, I will continue to use this service for my communication means

Al Duncan | 16th June 2010 absolutely brilliant !! :)


Lois New | 14th June 2010 Grateful for the service. Thank you!

rajnesh r narayan | 5th June 2010 sir/ madam Im so glad to use this net services and really appreciate what hamilton library has to offer well il b always needing info so il b using much of your services. thank you very much

Desiree Hoffman | 2nd June 2010 Such a useful instrument to have at your disposal. Thanks very much.

Chris Valkhoff | 29th May 2010 This service is fantastic. We just moved to Rangiora and are waiting for broadband to be installed at home. Until that time the library allowes us to keep in touch via email with family and friends. Chris

Name | 28th May 2010 Thank you for a consistently reliable and wonderfulservice.

ROBERT | 22nd May 2010 new zeaaland have a great library in all state,i 'm glad that u provided with free wifi n does help tourist to obtain useful information.the staff in the library r fantastic .they r helpful n enthumsatic ,i love all of them.thanks u for everythings.

Jono | 17th May 2010 This is consistently a reliable and vital service to the public at large. I find this to be one of the great gifts to the people of Dunedin. Thank you once again.

adrienne Agnew | 3rd May 2010 Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to use this service. I have dail up at home and it's just doesn't work.

TuiMaree Falwasser | Tuahiwi | 29th April 2010 nga mihinui kia koutou katoa APNK, Thank u for the awesome opportunity to be able to share this resource with our tuahuriri whanui and community of Tuahiwi, Tui Falwasser

Amour | Tuahiwi | 28th April 2010 Great thing for the Marae to have this service for the community to come and use.

Missy | New Plymouth | 26th April 2010 chur! mean! thanx to thoses ones that put this up on the computers for the community its very helpful for every1 to use... thanx again..

Shona | Wanganui | 22nd April 2010 Love this free web.

Bob | Waimakariri | 15th April 2010 Very Good :)

Rangihaeata | Wanganui | 7th April 2010 Tena koutou katoa I always try to make an effort to visit the Whanganui and Patea Libraries to access the APNK service so I can keep in touch with the whanau, thank you I appreciate the free service

Judd Bailey | Putiki | 3rd April 2010 Kia ora koutou, indeed Putiki Marae at the mouth of the mighty Whanganui Awa, with the aid and support of their partners APNK opened their Cyber Suite. Now open to the Putiki Community, 'Helping bridge the digital divide'!

save b | 1st April 2010 puke riki is an answer to our prayers cause of internett provision

Juergen | 29th March 2010 What a great service, impressive

Stefanie | 25th March 2010 I really appreciate the services of Aotearoa people's network. Thank you

Alta and Denis Laubscher. | 23rd March 2010 Wonderful service and thank you for it. So handy .

Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako | 18th March 2010 Thank you for the extension of services to me while here in the north auckland area. Kia ora koutou

Suzi | 17th March 2010 Excellent internet service, Thank You!!

Jarvis Hodgson | Hamilton | 9th March 2010 It's great to have free internet in hamilton

nobody | Dunedin | 4th March 2010 It's great to have free internet in Dunedin!! Thanks for that!!

Reinald Payne | 27th February 2010 Fantastic service Please keep it going

Louise | New Plymouth | 25th February 2010 What a fantastic opportunity for the public. Thank you Pukeriki.

Supercool | Hamilton | 24th February 2010 Love the network...very beneficial to young people!!

savenaca buresova | 23rd February 2010 very helpful

Forrest O. | 22nd February 2010 I'm happy to be posting Dunedin Central's new Aotearoa People's Network!

Steve Johnson | Tasman | 15th February 2010 Great work on the new Tasman library, very nicely done!

Grateful user | 12th February 2010 I really appreciate the free wi-fi internet in Kaitaia. Its a great way to encourage better usage of the library & a great way to make available other resources on the web. I also love keeping up with friends & family & I 'know' the tourists appreciate it! Good on ya!

Mitzi White,UK | 10th February 2010 Valuable service provided by Picton for visitors and locals alike. Thankyou

colonna | 9th February 2010 this is great

Tanasiriporn | 9th February 2010 Good network.

Jack | Marlborough | 8th February 2010 I think this internet is really poor and it frustrates me that we are lagging behind all other countries in providing what nowadays is an expected service!!!!

Aaron Falwasser | Kawerau | 5th February 2010 I really enjoy the free access to the internet wnoderful.

nick | Far North | 3rd February 2010 hi aotearoa

CM Justice | 28th January 2010 I truly appreciate this service. How wonderful to be able to stay in touch with my family and friends on the other side of the globe. Thank you so much for providing this free service.

Matt Visser | 28th January 2010 Thank you... A service like this is *extremely* useful - for all manner of unexpected reasons. Thanks to the ratepayers of Picton, and I hope many more Libraries in New Zealand adopt this idea.

riatana | Rangitikei | 28th January 2010 I used the wanaganui library computer free yesterday and now marton i have lived in wellington for many years and first i knew about this service well if it exists in wgton great! because this is fantastic good on you MARTON!!!! AWESOME.

jordy | Selwyn | 27th January 2010 it is good that we can get free internet

Benjamin | 26th January 2010 Very grateful for these services at the Library - it can be hard in today's society to find a nice quiet place to work and also have lovely books nearby too for reference. Another great reason to come to the library! Thank You!

R.tapa | Wanganui | 26th January 2010 Well this service is simply great good on Whanganui for providing a free internet service for the public.

Amy M | Mackenzie | 25th January 2010 Thanks so much for this service, it has been extremely helpful for me and my fellow budget travellers.

Ralph Billings | 24th January 2010 Thank you so much!! It's great to have free internet for a change. In North America it's pretty much free wherever you go. Thanks again!!

Catherine | Wairarapa | 22nd January 2010 What a wonderful service to provide for library users. Thank you very much

Michael | Nelson | 19th January 2010 This is indeed a well used network, with efficiency levels that are expected of such a public facility. I'm very impressed

Lara | Wairoa | 14th January 2010 happy, today. :)

simon croft UK | 12th January 2010 thanks , to find a no hassle connection in the multiplicity of wifi providers, seems to be a different one for each town !

sharon witana | Central Hawke's Bay | 11th January 2010 i came in to librarries today and it was cool

Caitie | Wanganui | 6th January 2010 found out about my ancestory on

emily livingstone-green | Southland | 6th January 2010 love it love it love it

sharon witana | Central Hawke's Bay | 5th January 2010 wow love your intern and waipukuarau library your sever as been the best

nicole | Central Hawke's Bay | 23rd December 2009 this roxx

atraeu | Rangitikei | 22nd December 2009 hello i like this website

choice samuels | Rangitikei | 17th December 2009 hi this is choice

John S | Central Hawke's Bay | 17th December 2009 Wow love the green Waipawa library. Great to see local stuff

Samantha wastney | Tasman | 16th December 2009 yay facebook

yo | Kaipara | 15th December 2009 yeh richmound! haha thats what i luvd about nelson free internet! bk home now (dargaville near whangarei) boh

Rachel Gale | Buller | 15th December 2009 awesome. i like it!

kura niwa | 14th December 2009 this is awesome

Steve Johnson | Tasman | 11th December 2009 Great to see improvements to Richmond Library. Still appreciate the HIGH SPD internet free service, it works well for me at different times of the week. Friendly staff are the best .......GO TASMAN....

Burnice Barnett | New Plymouth | 11th December 2009 Cool home page. Awesome website.

Sally Giffney | Buller | 10th December 2009 What happened to the original homepage? I found it much easier to find my way around with that one.

Name | Wanganui | 10th December 2009 Fantastic network